Angel Foster's Massage Studio, PLLC
'By His Stripes You Are Healed.'

Services and Rates

Investing in Massage is an Investment in your Health.


1hr  relax  45.00         1hr Therapy 65.00         1hr deep 80.00     *1hr pre-natal 45.00           Massage Advantage 39.99

1.5 relax  55.00           1.5 Therapy 75.00         1.5 deep  90.00    *1.5 Reiki 60.00  

2hr relax  70.00           2hr Therapy 90.00          2hr deep  130.00   *1hr Reflexology 50.00


            ***ADD ONS***

 20 min Peppermint scalp massage  $15.00  

20 min Chamomile scalp massage $15.00


Professional Customized massages (prices vary)



* All massages come with a complimentry "house special" hand scrub during massage. exfoliates the dead skin away while leaving your hands feeling soft 

* relax is full body

*Therapy is specific area only

* deep is full body

*reiki is unblocking trapped (negative) energy in the body and allowing the body to recieve positive energy flow

* Reflexology is pressure points in the hands and feet that refer to your organs


** Plus Tax**